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this might be the last time

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A moment of silence for GD because Rihanna didn’t follow him and followed Taeyang instead.


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131108 Taeyang’s Instavideo!
Ringa Linga is out!! #taeyang#ringalinga#bigbang#vip#rise


  • top’s late reaction
  • daesung shocked and standby expression
  • seungri the wild one
  • gd the early bird (well he shouted first than yb)
  • then there’s yb shouting

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look at all the fucks i give

Jan 17, 2013

30 Day BIGBANG Challenge

Day Fourteen: Big Bang Member You Would Date and/or Marry


"I want to make a nice family. I’ll take care of my wife and have kids. We will always be happy…. I wan’t to be a dad that a child can respect and a husband that a wife can always wait for." - G-Dragon
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30 Day BIGBANG Challenge

Day Four: Favorite G-Dragon Hairstyle


Any hairstyle that has to do with his blonde hair, especially in his Heartbreaker era and Tonight era. He looks sexy with his blonde hair that’s waving freely and i think it suits more with his personality. But I think any hairstyle he could pull of looks good on him even though it is unusual or new to us.

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GD: Boys like a green frog. I think we will be proud of ourselves when we look back later on because we try the ways that others do not go, or not used to go and the ways that others are afraid of. And I think that’s our way.
SOL: It’s just BIGBANG. Because we are young, and we have that much of energy, and we have the uniqueness that no one else can have.
VI: A skydiver who’s trying hard to not open the parachute. Is what I want to compare BIGBANG to. Those skydivers are not spreading their parachutes to feel the ecstasy of falling for a little bit more. I think we are in a situation like it, the BIGBANG. Not opening our parachutes to feel this situation for a little bit more. It seems like we are falling to others, but we are enjoying it. That’s BIGBANG, I think.
D-lite: It’s trying best at every moment. We are looking at only the music and enjoy it, and we play perfectly within ourselves and we play on the stage and we do music enjoying it. I think that, the fact that we are always putting in our best, is what other see and say ‘that’s BIGBANG’.
TOP: I don’t think there’s something that we can call as ‘being BIGBANG’ yet. We are still a work (as in the work of art) not completed yet but adding on colors after colors to become more perfect in future.
Translated by: VIPCellina
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Stay Strong GD <3

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"Dreams are something that is buried deep in everyone’s hearts, and that no one can suppress."
Big Bang, T.O.P (via curryayam)
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