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When Seungri taught Mir how to dance with a girl sexily

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B.I. is one smooth operator, fitting in some flirting before they leave.

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131108 Taeyang’s Instavideo!
Ringa Linga is out!! #taeyang#ringalinga#bigbang#vip#rise


  • top’s late reaction
  • daesung shocked and standby expression
  • seungri the wild one
  • gd the early bird (well he shouted first than yb)
  • then there’s yb shouting

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"I can’t say that I’m in charge of a lot of things in the group’s performances. But I always get nervous because I never know when I’ll be on the camera. Even if I take a small portion in a big picture, I felt responsible about fulfilling my parts." —Seungri

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please recommend some seungri biased blogs :D
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30 Day BIGBANG Challenge

Day Nine: Favorite Big Bang Paring


G-Dragon and Seungri. They are like lovers and a happy couple that doesn’t care about their surroundings. They are too close to each other and acts like a married couple like being jealous and being protective and possessive sometimes to each other. They are just too cute that I can’t help ship them whole-heartily. 

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probably the most pointless and unromantic one yet. I was just bored…

TOP was with GD when he accidentally spilled coffee on me & as he walk away he said

“Touch my body, put me on the floor” 


Daesung (yay!) was with Daesung (??? o.o) when he accidentally spilled coffee on you and as he walked away he said, “Boom Shakalaka” LOL! x)

Seungri was with his girlfriend when he purposely walked into you and muttered

"Touch my body, put me on the floor"

okay. you are a ladies’ man seungri. i knew it right from the start

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30 Day BIGBANG Challenge

Day Seven: Favorite Seungri “Panda Eyes” Picture

Seungri’s panda eyes makes him more sexy. For me, he is handsome with those black eyes and that is his charm.

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GD: Boys like a green frog. I think we will be proud of ourselves when we look back later on because we try the ways that others do not go, or not used to go and the ways that others are afraid of. And I think that’s our way.
SOL: It’s just BIGBANG. Because we are young, and we have that much of energy, and we have the uniqueness that no one else can have.
VI: A skydiver who’s trying hard to not open the parachute. Is what I want to compare BIGBANG to. Those skydivers are not spreading their parachutes to feel the ecstasy of falling for a little bit more. I think we are in a situation like it, the BIGBANG. Not opening our parachutes to feel this situation for a little bit more. It seems like we are falling to others, but we are enjoying it. That’s BIGBANG, I think.
D-lite: It’s trying best at every moment. We are looking at only the music and enjoy it, and we play perfectly within ourselves and we play on the stage and we do music enjoying it. I think that, the fact that we are always putting in our best, is what other see and say ‘that’s BIGBANG’.
TOP: I don’t think there’s something that we can call as ‘being BIGBANG’ yet. We are still a work (as in the work of art) not completed yet but adding on colors after colors to become more perfect in future.
Translated by: VIPCellina
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Hwangssabu’s Twitter DP featuring Seungri.

Hwangssabu’s Twitter DP featuring Seungri.

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